Tuner DTN Series is designed to receive 2 streams in DVB-S2/S or DVB-T2/T/C format (DTN and DTN-T respectively), and descramble selected programs with standard plug-in descrambler modules (CAMs). Using built-in multiplexer, services from both receivers and transport stream input can be combined into output transport stream.

In DTN-T modification instead of DVB-S2/S receivers has DVB-T2/T/C receivers.
To work with other manufacturers equipment tuner has one input and two output ASI interfaces.
DTN has built-in multichannel BISS descrambler which allow simultaneous descrambling up to 32 input programs. Optional T2-MI demultiplexing input streams.
Control and monitoring is carried out remotely via 100Mbps Ethernet (WEB-control).