The IPS-01 device is a high-performance IP-streamer designed to organize IPTV services in IP networks. IPS-01 allows to create up to 128 MPEG streams (SD, HD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPTS), the total speed of which can reach 615 Mbit / s (in 1000Base-T mode). Input ASI transport interfaces allow receiving streams from 6 sources, the speed of which can reach 216 Mbit / s. The choice of programs intended for transmission to the IP network, as well as setting parameters of IP output packets (such as the IP address of the program, the protocol (UDP / RTP), the number of DVB packets in one IP, etc.) is made using a WEB browser .

All changes and settings are stored in the device. The current output parameters are displayed in digital and graphical mode on the WEB page of the device.

For the convenience of monitoring the parameters on the front panel, there are indicators that indicate the current status of the device, the current state of the input interfaces and the state of the output.

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 Number of ASI input interfaces  6 (BNC, 75 Om)
 Range of input speeds ASI  up to 216 Mbits/s
 Output Interface  100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T (IEEE  802.3)
 Number of simultaneously transmitted programs  up to 128
Transmission speed   up to 615 Mbits/s
 Protocol  DVB over UDP/RTP
 Broadcast Mode  MULTICAST
 PID filtering  available
 Ethernet-MTU  up to 1500 bites
 Management  10/100 Base-T, protocols HTTP/WEB interface
 Supply  100-240 V АС, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption  6 W
 Size  19″  1U
Dimensions  485х185х45 mm
 Weight  2,5 kg