Multichannel descrambler DMX-1 6CI

Multichannel descrambler DMX-1 (hereinafter – the “device”)  is designed for descrambling digital TV programs using the standard plug-in modules (CAM) of the head-end equipment in cable and IP-TV systems.

For input and output DVB transport stream DMX-1 is equipped with 1Gb Ethernet interface (UDP multicast) and 2 inputs and 2 outputs DVB ASI.

For descrambling DMX-1 is equipped with 6 CI interfaces. Any program from any DMX-1 inputs may be directed to any installed CAM module to descramble it.

Descrambled programs may be assigned to output Single-Program Transport Stream(SPTS) or Multi-Program Ttansport Stream (MPTS).

Control/monitoring – integrated WEB interface to login and remote control/monitoring from anywhere.

DMX-1 Specifications:

 Number of CI interfaces  6
 Number of descrambling programs  48
Transport stream Inputs and Outputs 
 Input / Output DVB IP 1000Base-T(X) (IEEE-802.3ab)  1 RJ-45
 DVB ASI Input  2 BNC
 DVB ASI Output  2 BNC
Management and configuration
 10/100 Base-TX, protocol HTTP/WEB  1 RJ-45
 Current status LED’s on the front panel  10 LED’s
Physical dimensions
 Height  19” 1U
 Weight  < 3 Kg
Power supply
 Power supply  100–240V АС, 50/60Hz
 Power consumption  < 50W