This is compact headend designed for multiplexing Gbe IP Transport Streams(TS) (up to 120) / ASI TS (up to 4) (SPTS/MPTS)  and distribution 8 QAM (QAM 16/256) transport streams over CATV network. Support SD/HD TS. Control/monitoring – integrated WEB interface to login and remote control/monitoring from anywhere.


QTX-2 Specification

 Number of ASI interfaces  4(BNC, 75Oм)
 Number of IP interfaces, 1000Base-T(IEEE 802.3)  1(RJ-45)
 Input IP interface speed  up to 615Мbit/s
 Input IP protocol  DVB over UDP/RTP
 Input ASI speed rate  up to 216Mbit/s
QAM modulator
 Number of QAM channel  8
 Modulation type  QAM16- QAM256
 Symbol speed rate  5-7МS/s
 MER  >46dB
 Operating frequency rate  47-1000MHz
 Frequency separation in group of 4 QAM  up to 70MHz
 Tuning step  by TV channel or 1 MHz step
 Output level  80-105 dB/mV
 Suppression of-band emissions  More 60 dB(work channel in the channel)
 RF-interface  75 Оm, Fconn
 PID filtering  Yes
 PID remapping  Yes
 Regeneration PRC  Yes
 Auto generation table PSI  Yes
 Multiplexing any input with any output  Yes
Management Control
 100BASETX, protocol HTTP/WEB interface, control LEDs on front panel
 Height  1U
 Dimensions  485х185х45mm
 Weight  2,5kg
Power Supply
 Power  100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
 Power consumption  up to 17W