This is compact headend designed for multiplexing Gbe IP Transport Streams(TS) (up to 120) / ASI TS (up to 4) (SPTS/MPTS)  and distribution 8 QAM (QAM 16/256) transport streams over CATV network. Support SD/HD TS. Control/monitoring – integrated WEB interface to login and remote control/monitoring from anywhere.


QTX-2 Specification

 Number of ASI interfaces  4(BNC, 75Oм)
 Number of IP interfaces, 1000Base-T(IEEE 802.3)  1(RJ-45)
 Input IP interface speed  up to 615Мbit/s
 Input IP protocol  DVB over UDP/RTP
 Input ASI speed rate  up to 216Mbit/s
QAM modulator
 Number of QAM channel  8
 Modulation type  QAM16- QAM256
 Symbol speed rate  5-7МS/s
 MER  >46dB
 Operating frequency rate  47-1000MHz
 Frequency separation in group of 4 QAM  up to 70MHz
 Tuning step  by TV channel or 1 MHz step
 Output level  80-105 dB/mV
 Suppression of-band emissions  More 60 dB(work channel in the channel)
 RF-interface  75 Оm, Fconn
 PID filtering  Yes
 PID remapping  Yes
 Regeneration PRC  Yes
 Auto generation table PSI  Yes
 Multiplexing any input with any output  Yes
Management and control
 100BASETX, protocol HTTP/WEB interface, control LEDs on front panel
 Height  1U
 Dimensions  485х185х45mm
 Weight  2,5kg
Power Supply
 Power  100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
 Power consumption  up to 17W