The amplifier is designed for use on trunks long and short distances.

The basic model WA-301 has in its composition:

  • advanced two-stroke output cascade;
  • frequency response correction with a range switching (47-450 MHz, 47-606 MHz, 47-862 MHz), which allows to obtain the maximum slope of the frequency response;
  • an additional intercascade attenuator 6dB / 10dB, or an attenuator of the slope of the amplitude-frequency characteristic 6dB / 10dB;
  • additional amplifier of the feedback loop (equalizer or gain control);
  • additional module of the pilot signal receiver RC-02 for operation of the AGC system;
  • transmission of telemetry through the feedback loop to the head controller NC-01;
  • Protection class IP54.

The amplifier has a number of features:

– The AFC-Corrector is equipped with a frequency range switch (47-450 MHz, 47-606 MHz, 47-862 MHz), which allows the user, after selecting of the desired range, to obtain the maximum slope of the amplitude-frequency characteristic in this range;

– on a cross-board there is a connector X1 in which can be installed either an additional attenuator : A-6 – attenuation 6 dB, A-10 – attenuation 10 dB; or an additional correction of the slope of the frequency response:

Charecteristics К-1-6 К-1-10 К-2-6 К-2-10 К-3-6 К-3-10
The reference point of equalization, MHz 450 606 862
Slope of AFC, dB 6 10 6 10 6 10

– The amplifier can be equipped with an automatic gain control (AGC) system operating on a pilot signal coming from the trunk. For this purpose, the RC-02 pilot receiver can be installed in connector X2. The receiver is tuned to one fixed frequency, the value of which can be changed in agreement with the customer;

– stability of the output level when using the AGC system ± 0.7 dB;

– adjustment depth ± 4 dB;

-In the X3 connector, an additional amplifier of the return channel can be installed with the AFC slope regulator (model AR-01) or with the gain control (model AR-02);

– gain factor – 15 dB;

– the maximum output level is 115 dB / μV;

– range of gain / tilt adjustment of AFC – 20 dB;

– the microcontroller, located in the receiver of the pilot signal, acts as a modem. He controls the AGC system and sends information about her work to the studio on the feedback loop. The microcontroller can connect various sensors (for example, from the doors of switchboards, etc.), the triggering of which will be immediately reported to the studio;

– the microcontroller measures the supply voltage at a given point on the trunk and transmits this information via a feedback loop to the studio;

– switching fuses in the main power supply circuit, you can select the desired method of power supply to the amplifier (from the input or from the output);

– at the input and output of the amplifier there are control plugs for connecting measuring instruments;

– Protection of the input and output of the amplifier from high voltages;

– protection of the amplifier output stage from overload and unbalanced load;

– cast aluminum sealed housing.

Charecteristics WA-301 WA-301D
Frequency range Main channel, MHz 47/58/85 – 450/606/862
Feedback loop, MHz 5-30, 5-42, 5-65
Gain Main channel, MHz 36
Feedback loop, MHz 0(15)
Unevenness Amplitude Frequency response, dB ± 0.5
Maximum output level (DIN 45004В) Main channel, MHz 121
Feedback loop, MHz 115
Limits of gain adjustment Input attenuator, dB 0-20
Intercascade attenuation, dB Fixed insert
Limits of the AFC slope adjustment Input equalizer, dB 0-20
Intercascade equalizer, dB Fixed insert
The Standing Wave Coefficient on the input (output) 1.4
Noise factor, dB <7
The ability to install automatic gain control units
The attenuation coefficient at the control tap On the input, dB -20
On the output, dB -30
Feedback loop, dB -20
The uneven response of the reference tap, dB ± 1
Number of outputs 1
Power consumption, W (at 220 V / 50 Hz power supply) 10
Supply 160-240 VAC 25-65 VAC, 30-90 VCD
Maximum current of remote power supply, A 5
Connector type (input, output) 5/8”