Download product catalog in .pdf

Download booklet in .pdf

Download eProgrammer — v1.16 — .zip

STV — Billing  .zip 

STV — EPG  — Server .zip 

If you have any questions regarding the setup or operation of our equipment, you can contact us  with the following coordinates:



Viber: +380987199603

Attention: To update the software (for QTX-2, DST-2U, IPS-01), you need a Bootloader version 1.12. If below, please, contact us.

Here you can download the latest firmware and documentations for our products.


Firmware (.zip)

Documentation (.pdf)

Multi-channel descrambler DMX-1

 v2.17/v2.49(test) — .zip


Multi-channel decoder MPEG DMX-2

 v3.201 — .zip


8-channel tuner DST-2U

 v1.10 — .zip

8-channel tuner DVB-S/S2 DST-02

 v3.42/v3.45 — .zip


8-channel tuner DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C DST-02ST

 v1.22 — .zip


8-channel tuner DVB-C/T/T2 DST-02T

 v.2.8 —  .zip


IP Streamer IPS-01

Controller SRC-1


 v5.20 —  .zip

— v4.16 — .zip





Two-channel MPEG-2 coder M2E-1

 1.71 — .zip


Modulator QAM QTX-2

 v2.110 — .zip


Digital two- channel decoding tuner DTN-3о ОКТО

 DTN — .zip

Tuner — .zip

Cam — .zip


Download the instructions for our equipment:

STV EPG Server — .pdf

Updating of CAM-modules via QTX-2 – .pdf

Updating the device software – .pdf