If you have any questions about setting up or operating our equipment, or are you working on an interesting project and you need help in finding an individual solution? Ask our engineer! Our engineers can adapt the product manufactured by SPETS-TV in accordance with your technical specifications. We will find a solution to integrate your requirements into the final system. Contact the following coordinates:

Mail: mail@stv.odessa.ua

Skype: stv.odessa.ua

Viber: +380663211567 (messages only) – office, consultation on devices, accounting

Viber: +380987199603    —only for technical support

Download product catalog in format .pdf

Download product catalog in English .pdf

Attention: To update the software (QTX-2, DST-2U, IPS-01) you need a Bootloader version not lower than 1.12. If below contact us.

Here you can download the latest firmware and hardware documentation.

DeviceFirmware Stable (.zip)Firmware Beta (.zip)Documentation (.pdf)
eProgrammer .zip .pdf
Tuner descrambler DTN-1KE v2.68 .zip
Tuner descrambler DTN-1KU v2.68 .zip
Multi-channel descrambler DMX-1 v2.68 — .zip  .pdf
Multichannel MPEG Decoder DMX-2 v2.68 – .zip .pdf
Modulator QAM QTX-2  v2.110H46F — .zip
v.2_121H49F —  .zip
v2.123H51 — .zip
v.2_125H53 —  .zip
Eight-channel tuner DST-2USW v1_8H8 — .zip
8 channel tuner DST-2U T2MI v1.27H136 — .zip
BISS v.1_27H61 – .zip
8 channel tuner DVB-S/S2 DST-02S  T2MI v3_45H135 —  .zip
BISS v.3_55H59 – .zip
8 channel tuner DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C DST-02STT2MI v.1_23H135 — .zip
BISS v.1_22H59 .zip
8 channel tuner DVB-C/T/T2 DST-02T  v.2_10H59 —  .zip  .pdf
Converter/streamer 6xASI – IP IPS-01  v5_26H73 —  .zip  .pdf
Converter/streamer IP – 6xASI IPR-01 v.1_10H4 – .zip .pdf
Controller SCR-1 .zip .pdf
scr1fs .zip .pdf
CAM module 3.012 – .zip
NIT Generator .zip .pdf
Dual channel MPEG-2 coder M2E-1 v.1.71 – .zip .pdf
Digital dual channel decoding tuner DTN .zip .pdf
STV EPG Server .zip .zip
STV-Billing .zip .pdf
eProgrammer .zip .pdf